Nowhera Shaik, The world is always not fair to those who are always fair. This is a fact and can be well proven from the life struggle of her. She hailed from a poor household and later established her presence in the business market; with sheer dedication, patience and hard work. She has established her dream project – the Heera Group; which now has many associates and now deals with multiple lines of business.

She has received both love and hatred in her career for her deeds. But love has always outnumbered hatred and disbelief. The rate at which she has received a warm; welcome from the people she has helped throughout her life is mind-blowing.

Why did Nowhera Shaik join politics?

Not everyone is born with a heart of pure gold. But she was! And this is where the problems begin. She wanted to change the structure of the political ambience; in India and thus she stepped in the dirt to cleanse. The mundane dirt and bring the real change in the societal politics; a change that will be positive towards the empowerment of the women. The empowerment of the marginalized sections of the society and many more.

What was wrong with her entry into politics?

Although She was an empowered woman who was not ready to compromise her identity; ideology and ground in any way by bending in front of the people with greater power. Especially She had got several offers of merging her party to create a greater impetus in gaining. She dared to ignore the raise of eyebrows.

What consequences did she pay?

Moreover She was involved in a false case of defrauding her Heera Group company investors. She was jailed under such weird assumptions or rather complaints. who will pay back for that harassment? Questions lie unanswered.

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