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nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik It is very important to have a vision in life to be successful. Success does not come in one day. It takes collective days of hard work to be successful. Nowhera Shaik, a young girl from the streets of Tirupati went on becoming the Queen of the profit-making business industries. It was not that she knew exactly what she would do, but all she knew was that she needs to try hard! She strongly believes that luck only favors you if you work hard persistently.

It is extremely important to have a vision in life. For Nowhera Shaik, it was just to end the distress in her family and help them survive financially. When the 19-year-old Nowhera Shaik made a vow to herself, she has kept it to date. She planned that she will not let young girls be maltreated and will work on their empowerment. But that young teenager did understand one thing very clearly which is the fact that she needs to be empowered herself if she plans to empower others.

Heera Group and a new meaning

The Heera Group initiatives by Nowhera Shaik was a result of collective hard work by her and her group of women who helped her to be what she is today. Such is the resplendent glow of humility in her that she barely considers that she is responsible for not even half of her achievements. In 1998, she introduced the new concept of ‘interest-free’ ambience in the industry.

Heera Gold – a super-duper hit!

Heera Gold is an initiative under the umbrella of the Heera Groups. Just after few days after its launch, the sales of this industry of Heera Group jacked up! Heera Group also offers gold trading options to its investors. It has also recently launched its services in digital gold and silver pockets.

Heera Group is a vision of Nowhera Shaik, which has benefitted millions one way or the other.

By Ashish

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