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Nowhera Shaik the woman behind the success of other women

Nowhera Shaik the woman

Nowhera Shaik, The constant heckling the raise of eyebrows, fearing other women and so many more; had been done just to ensure that a young girl cannot start with her own business. She was different from the girls of her age. When she would go to school, she would notice a drastic difference in the number of girls and boys. The ratio was especially astounding in the rural schools. She thought of changing the problem from the root of it. She has always been one of those underprivileged girls from the streets who had too many dreams to chase but too few opportunities to surf because of the hard-core reality that strikes down their ambitions.

When she was 19, she enrolled herself on a course and side by side tried with her dreams. She was always with the downtrodden and thus felt excited to help the people in need. She started teaching small kids in the villages, especially the young girls who were otherwise refrained from study and education. Moreover she convinced their parents by telling them that; she will be teaching them religious studies, to which most of them agreed.

Behind the success of other women

She started expanding her coaching classes and it started to grow from 2 to 12 and then to a batch of more than 50! Through sheer hard work and perseverance, she started to impart them with education and make themselves ready for the outer world. She then went to more and more villages empowering girls from one place to other.

Nowhera Shaik’s struggle throughout her life is an exemplary one. She came from nowhere and made her mark internationally. The girls got a new life. Their interaction with her made them more and more confident; about their life and many of them are now working and living life on their terms. To date, they acknowledge the fact that Nowhera Shaik changed their life entirely 360 degrees. She is Nowhera Shaik, the future builder for the underprivileged.

By Abhi

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