Nowhera Shaik The Founder And CEO Of Heera Group

Nowhera Shaik The Founder And CEO Of Heera Group. A billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist politician, Nowhera Shaik is a greatly successful business tycoon; and the CEO of the Multinational Group of Companies, The Heera Group. With a huge group of followers, especially in the Muslim Community, she established her own political party. The All India Mahila Empowerment Party. It has been recognized by the Election Commission of India and allotted the Diamond Crest/symbol as it’s symbol.

The Heera Group of Enterprises

The Heera Group is an extremely successful group of enterprises. It is a profit-loss based business established by Chief Executive Officer, Nowhera Shaik. Heera Group is a gold trading pioneer, with headquarters in Hyderabad and branches throughout India; the United Arab Emirates, and other Middle Eastern countries.

Nowhera Shaik The Founder And CEO Of Heera Group & Other Ventures:

She is also a great businesswoman. Through her guidance the company has spread into various sectors. One such business venture is the establishment of Heera Digital Gold.

Through this development, the Heera Group under the leadership; of Miss Nowhera Shaik has now taken control of the digital Gold Investment Market. As one of India’ leading online gold trading platforms, the company has had major changes since it’s establishment.

Moreover The Heera Group has delivered a world of benefits to its users and clients through Heera Digital Gold. Heera Digital Gold is not only one of the country’s premier online gold investment platforms; but it is also closely monitored by Heera Developers to ensure that your data and gold are kept safe.

She has also created her own political party the All India Mahila Empowerment Party; through which she let’s her Philanthropic ideals flow out. Especially The party strives towards the upbringing of the underprivileged children of India and has shown great promise as well.

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