Nowhera Shaik the Benefactor

Nowhera Shaik the Benefactor. You cannot be alleged with false allegations if your will is correct and you have the support of the people. And the only way to gain people’s support is by thinking about their welfare. Ms Nowhera Shaik is a woman who has a philanthropic mentality and her morale tells her to work for her environment and the people making it.

Ms Shaik is not new to the field of helping people. She’s a respected woman who is a business tycoon, a well-known politician and an idol to be followed. She is a hardworking woman who has worked throughout her life to establish a name for the women of the country. The Heera Group with its headquarters in Hyderabad and the other business groups spread over various parts of the country and UAE shows how reputed she is. The company provides the opportunity to purchase digital gold in the form of coins or bars.

Bouncing Back

She has made her name for serving people through her works. She has donated money for several projects that have served the people. She has constructed water tanks, schools, hospitals, clinics and many more. She has been honoured with a long list of awards for serving the people. She’s a social worker rather than a business tycoon. But she was allegedly accused with false allegations of defrauding her company investors. The allegations were brought up by the people who are against the welfare of society. She never broke down regardless of the false charges. She’s a philanthropist who still serves people and does not step back to provide more things to the people. Her establishments have been cleared and now the resides in the heart of a mass of people. 

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