Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik, Despite being a very empowered, extremely liberal and modern-day working woman, Nowhera Shaik has not forgotten the values. Moreover she still wears a Burqa, which the modern colonial thought the process has labelled as oppression. She has been slaying in the business industry just with her Burqa on and she shatters every possible stereotype of Muslim women. Moreover she has shown to the world that Burqa is a choice and she feels empowered with it.

How ever Nowhera Shaik reaches high in her career, she will never be able to submerge all the faiths she had been taught since her childhood. For her, life is a gift from Allah and she should not question Allah’s plans for her life. She says, “It is very easy for one to forget the roots but here is a secret, it is these roots that will make you a person of profound depth.”

Never lose your faith in Allah

Talking about depth, every depth is superficial if it is not earned and just embellished over the façade of superficiality. She still finds time from her extremely busy schedule just to ensure that she is in the path of Allah. She reads the holy Quran according to her busy schedule.

When asked about religious beliefs, “Religion is extremely personal faith. I am a practising Muslim but it does not stop me from reading; Hindu texts or believe in the teachings of Jesus. Being a Muslim does not prevent me from participating in festivals with my friends. After all, we all have the pretty same religion that is humanism! We should have mutual respect’s faith. Every religion teaches us exactly the basic things of humility and unity.”

She continued with a confident intonation, “But being a Muslim I have had never lost my faith in Allah in most difficult situations as well!”

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