Mrs. Nowhera is the one we think of when we think of a person who can turn round their destinies if they are prepared to give in their fear and put in fierce exertion and have the guts in them to remain hopeful of their dreams. She always preaches to people that life never follows the same flow throughout their life and that people are bound to become successful if they give their all. She preaches to people that ups and downs are complementary of each other and therefore comes after simultaneously. It completely depends on us what we perform in our leisure. It is quite plausible that we may become the nation’s head one fine morning. It might also turn out to be pointless the very next day too. As it might happen soon your powers and autonomy as the head of the authority might get snatched away due to your lack of competence. One who is striving to become successful in their life must follow one prime principle, which is the most teasing value one can attain is the quality of tolerance. Regarding Nowhera, she began her journey as a vendor but she made her education her topmost priority and got a headway.

The starting point of her life began once she was introduced to the world of gold trading where after her introduction, she made immense headway in her golden entrepreneurship career.  While she worked at a Madrassa institution as a teacher, she made contacts with numerous women of the less accessed area of the society. Nowhera even bought jewellery from all the goldsmiths of the area and she then sold it to the local women. Under the name of Heera Group, she provided varied services under the name.

 The real function of the given passage is to uplift women in the frontline to make them more independent.  Soon Nowhera understood that to uplift women and change the whole system, she had to be a part of it. Therefore she formed a political party to serve the nation with honoured dignity.

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