With the donation of Rs.1000 crores for educational development, Nowhera Shaik has always led the list of most eminent philanthropists. Her heartfelt contribution resulted in the formation of schools, colleges universities, hostels and whatnot.

Being a genuine investor, Dr. Shaik’s biggest investment was for the well-being of the rural masses. As a benefactor, she is actively involved in humanitarian and charitable activities in India. Besides, she is also a prominent part of several NGOs outside India. Having a larger social influence over the Middle Eastern nations, she is indeed the epitome of charity.

Nowhera Shaik – Godmother of millions

An interview with revealed that she had donated her parent’s properties for funding a residential school in Chandragiri. Apart from this, she has also contributed larger sections of her assets for the well-being of the disadvantaged.

Nowhera Shaik was only 19 years old when she entered into teaching. She started by teaching Quran to the local destitute girls. Despite being a dropout, her ambition to educate the nation was certainly keen enough. Her educational movement that was started with only 6 girls slowly grew to a batch of 3000 kids. Following this, she leads to the establishment of several schools in Mumbai, Tirupati and Andhra Pradesh.

Her socio-political approaches

With the formation of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party, Dr. Shaik took her philanthropism to a higher level. The main motive of the party was to fight for equality and stand for women’s rights. Moreover, providing free education to girls and employing the unemployed were also prime initiates of the group. With female representatives at all levels, it does almost everything that nation needs.

Besides being a philanthropist, entrepreneur and politician, Dr. Shaik is a great educationist too. Her multi-faceted nature is what makes her the Iron Lady of India.

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