Nowhera Shaik An Indian Women

Nowhera Shaik An Indian Women. Ms Nowhera Nanne Saheb Shaik better known as Ms Shaik is the new name buzzing around the country. She’s known as a benevolent woman serving the women of the country in various ways. Recently she was engaged in a controversy regarding her company, the Heera Group. In the past years, the country has seen a surge in Chit Funds. Those companies assure their investors with high investment amounts but terrifically scam them. Ms Shaik was charged with scamming her investors by running a Ponzi scheme on them. It was noted that she and her company Heera Group have assured returns of 36% per annum with an amount of more than Five thousand crores being invested. She was also accused of cheating her investors. This was all done as a part of the political rivalry with rented people engaging in chaos and degrading the honour of the Heera Group. Heera Group is a diversified company that excels in various business operations. One of the most popular business ventures by them is digital gold. The Heera Group provides various opportunities for the investors to select the carat and method in which they want the gold. This was the first of its kind to be started in India. This was known to be opposed by both political and business rivals. Heera Group has been an example for the welfare of the people and recently they helped the AIMEP to constitute its Maharashtra unit. With the blessings of the people she served, Ms Shaik was bailed cleared in 2021 and her Heera Group would continue its operations as before.


After this case, the Heera Group continues to do its business. Ms Shaik said that apart from the Heera Group, the staff of the Heera Group have been affected as many of them were extremely poor and were unemployed during the global Pandemic. They have been taken into consideration. Now they are resuming their business in full force. Ms Shaik has also stayed in Mumbai for ten days to know the problems faced by the people out there. She says she has done this as the President of the AIMEP. The true intentions of Ms Shaik continue to show us that Women power always overcomes any problems!

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