Nowhera Shaik A True Leader By All Means

Nowhera Shaik A True Leader By All Means, is a person who demands utmost reverence and recognition. She has emerged as a wonderful example to all struggling women out there who dreams of achieving remarkable success in their lives. She knew that a human’s sex or country has no significance when they are paving their way for success and gives their best. Society’s perspectives about a girl and her limits has always opposed her opinion of feminine power. Thus, people challenged her beliefs ever since the beginning but she remained the adamant strong person she has always been.

Never heeding to mocks and judgements, there she is: a successful business entrepreneur and president of a political party. Shaik’s fate could never do anything more than to make her emotionally strong. She could become what she is today solely because of her determination and efforts to reach a height where the society cannot aim judgements. Brought up by a vegetable vendor, she taught herself many entrepreneurship skills that comes not from textbooks but observations.

Nowhera successfully set up her dream project: The Heera Group of Companies that deal in various kind of articles and good. Her career too was filled with ups and downs like everyone’s is. She overcame them all with boldness.

Nowhera knew pretty well that entrepreneurship world has a lot of potential but at the same time it could take away the best of thing from a person. But she was ready. All set to take the risk and follow her dreams no matter what it costs her if she fails. Sometimes people choosr to quit mid-way because of the harsh challenges one faces but Shaik kept her spirits high and continued to work hard.

The society precisely the the typical Indian society mocked, judged and questioned her but she knew better than to engage vague arguments. She simply focused on a successful career. Nowhera had made some extraordinary contribution for the people of India especially the ones belonging to slum areas.

By Deepak

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