Lockdown in Delhi News

Lockdown in Delhi News, The Supreme Court of India took a serious view of the terrible pollution engulfing Delhi-NCR on Saturday, instructing the Centre to consider announcing a two-day lockdown to reduce pollution.

The court ordered the government to take immediate action to reduce pollution levels in Delhi-NCR, which are now classified as “serious.” “There is a significant problem with air pollution,” says Chief

How can people live? “We need immediate action,” the court told the Centre, “and pollution should be reduced in two to three days.” It was discovered that people are forced to wear masks even at home.

The Supreme Court stated that stubble burning must be addressed on a long-term basis, but that immediate action must be taken. “Delhi’s air quality is currently classified as severe,’ and it is expected to deteriorate significantly in the next two to three days. Make a snap judgement. A long-term solution would be considered later “The government had been given instructions by the court.

During a hearing on an air pollution petition in Delhi, the Supreme Court informed the Centre that “small children must go to school in this weather, and we are subjecting them to this.” We’re exposing children to pollution, pandemics, and dengue fever, according to Dr Guleria (AIIMS).

The Centre’s Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told the Supreme Court that the government must focus on the emergency condition of air pollution during today’s meeting.

The Centre told the Supreme Court that the metrological department had been contacted and that there was a rise in stubble burning but no change in the air quality in Delhi. As a result, according to the Center, we must be vigilant until November 18.

The Delhi administration was also questioned by the Supreme Court regarding its choice to build pollution towers and emission control initiatives.

The Delhi administration has opened all schools in the national capital, according to the Supreme Court, and children’s lungs are now being exposed to contaminants.

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