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WhatsApp ban over 17 lakh Indian accounts

WhatsApp ban over 17 lakh Indian accounts, their sixth monthly report on user safety has been published. The report adheres to the Information Technology Rules of 2021. The November user-safety report outlines user complaints and WhatsApp’s response, as well as WhatsApp’s preventative measures to combat abuse on its network. WhatsApp blocked 1,759,000 Indian accounts, according to the report.

Accounts Banned

Between November 1st and November 30th, 2021, WhatsApp banned 1,759,000 Indian accounts. At the same time, using the registration number beginning with +91 to identify these accounts on WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s abuse detection strategy, which includes action taken in response to negative comments submitted via the ‘Report’ feature, resulted in the deletion of these Indian accounts.

Abuse detection occurs at three points in the account’s lifecycle. During registration, during messaging, and in response to negative feedback received in user reports and blocks. These systems are augmented by a team of analysts that assess; edge cases and assist us in increasing our performance over time.

Company Ban Policy

Users can report accounts that they believe are spammy, abusive, or otherwise problematic to WhatsApp. The company receives the previous five communications sent to the user by the registered; user or group but is not notified. WhatsApp also receives the reported group or user ID and information; about when and what sort of message was delivered (image, video, text, etc.). A user can also choose to report an account by holding down a single note for a long time.

Users can block numbers in WhatsApp. When you stop someone, your last seen, online, status updates; and any changes to your profile photo are no longer available to the blocked contacts.

We found the blocked accounts in the Blocked part of your WhatsApp; settings (iPhone and KaiOS) or the Blocked contacts section (Android)

If you block a contact, it will not remove you from your contacts list or the contact’s phone list. To remove a reference from your phone’s address book, you must first remove the connection from your phone’s address book.

WhatsApp ban over 17 lakh Indian accounts

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