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The body of a young toddler whose mother buried her rescued from Indore

The body of a young toddler

The body of a young toddler finally rescued from under a tree in a vacant place in Indore. The toddler was missing for few days. The missing diary was launched by her family and the case was thoroughly monitored. This incident is from Shrinath Colony in the Kishanganj area. After the unveiling of the case, the police are in utter shock. This unique case is being investigated further. The incident started when the three-year-old toddler suffered few injuries while she went to play outside.

Instead of taking her to the hospital or consulting a doctor, her mother put her to sleep under a blanket. Out of suffocation, the toddler died.

Mother buried her after rescued from Indore

Her mother got anxious about the consequences which she would have to face out of this. Finally, she decided something of no precedence, she buried her daughter under a tree in a vacant place near her house. She further reported to her neighbors that her daughter has not returned and is missing. Her family members, went to the police station with her to register a missing diary. After a little progression in the case, she could not help but disclose the entire event to the police. She confessed in front of them, the entire details of her plan. The police are investigating the matter and checking whether it was national or international murder; Police Superintendent even suspected sexual assault of the toddler looking at the injuries on her body but this was negitive after an initial forensic test. Police rescued her on this saturday.

Right before few days, another toddler in Indore died accidentally while her uncle was reversing his car. Such cases have one single conclusion which is that the parents must take care of their children to ensure their safety.

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