India is a land of a union of several states which have their own culture. This Indian tapestry of cultures has got its effects in its cultural diversity. In itself, diversity is a microcosmic part of an entire continent.

Every mile you walk in one of the states of this country; an entirely new cultural shock is waiting for you. Indian diversity is not only significant because it is unique but also; it is quite significant for the fact that it involves inclusiveness that is so much unique about this enchanting land.

India has its issues and problems be it based on cultural norms or geographical identities; but this does not bar it from being one of the most inclusive countries; that will stand as one in times of need.

India is a land of ancient civilizations which have added their cultural vastness to every bit while its existence. occasionally by multiple invaders but to one’s surprise, the very foundation of this land still lies unshakeable.

A land of multiple cultures

It is often said that India is not India without its unity in diversity. Though a majority of this country belongs to Hinduism; there are multiple religious practices and even some more tribal ones which are still enrobed in a wrap. There are the Sentinelese tribes in Andaman Nicobar Islands; which are the world’s most indigenous tribe that has never been under human civilizational contact.

In short, the main motive behind this article was to reaffirm our diversity and accept it. No matter to what religion, caste, creed, race, colour or gender we belong, we are just Indians.

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