young girl who committed suicide

A young girl who committed suicide after school teacher’s constant harassment the suicide note written by Khuspreet. similarly, Ravleen Kaur Tuli and Amandeep Singh Chahal were mentioned and she made a video before committing suicide.

she was seen crying because she never wanted to hang her grandpa’s head down in shame. One of the accused, Ravleen Kaur Tuli is interestingly also the daughter of the principal of the school. Khuspreet was in. The other accused, Amandeep Singh Chahal was a teacher in the school.

These two accused mentally tortured Khuspreet. for this reason She went into depression for several months and finally hung herself when was in Class 11 studying at Gurukul School of Moga in Punjab.

Both the accused were reportedly harassing her to establish a physical relation with Amandeep, the DPE teacher of the school. Khuspreet could not handle this constant turmoil in her mind. A teenager as she was, she was impulsive and took the most impulsive step of her life and hung herself. 

Khuspreet has informed the principal of this incident but was led with no actions taken against the culprits. She was helpless and could not confide this to anyone.

She wrote a suicide note and mentioned the two-person names before she is dying with many ‘deep secrets’ within her and she also wrote how for the prior two months, she was tortured by her teachers.

Social media flooded with the hashtag Justice for Khuspreet a young girl and is being retweeted by many on Twitter. This new incident has shaken the confidence of guardians in schools. Where are girls safe in this country? Children or adults, maybe there is no haven for girls.

The police have taken action against the accused one or victim who committed the crime or helped for doing the crime.

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