Blended learning is the method of combining classroom learning techniques with e-learning methods. Also known as hybrid learning, it utilises online materials for education, instructions and interaction along with traditional classroom methods. It integrates digital media and technology along with classroom activities led by education instructors. Blended learning adds flexibility to the learning experiences and helps students customize the way they study and acquire knowledge. This mixed mode of instruction helps students to experience the wonders of audio-visual learning in classroom situations. Blended learning is increasingly being adopted by educational institutions post-pandemic after people became aware of the benefits of online education.

The advantages of blended learning.

Blended learning comes with increased outreach and flexibility in classrooms due to the digitised way of imparting education. However, it accepts the fact that classroom teaching is directly involved in the overall development of a student and provides a solution combining the better side of both aspects to bring out a great opportunity for the overall education and knowledge gaining.

This method of education also provides children with options to customize the way they study and gain knowledge, thus allowing them to learn at their own pace with the expert guidance of professional educators.

The disadvantages of blended learning.

Everything has its disadvantages. The blended learning procedure is met with numerous challenges. It is not accessible everywhere, there might be a lack of proper infrastructure and facilities for availing blended learning. It leads students to be more dependent on technology which causes stress and it reduced the humanly touch in offline classes, therefore weakening the teacher-student bonding.

Moreover, content all over the internet is not always certified and authentic and it is a task to teach and guide students in choosing the right resources for gaining their knowledge through blended learning.

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