To begin with, India has surpassed a massive milestone of providing 2 billion vaccination doses, a year after it set in motion the world’s biggest vaccination overhaul against the deadly Covid-19 virus. The country has been endeavouring to grade up vaccination efforts amid global concerns over fresh Covid waves. Among the Asian countries, Japan has seen a major quantum leap in cases lately, while France has been transcending the global fascia. Shortly after the 200 crore dose was administered.

A 75-day crusade for free booster doses at government centers was set in India

Meanwhile, PM Modi tweeted: “India fabricates history again! Congratulations to all Indians on surpassing the exceptional figure of 200 crore vaccination shots. Proud of those who accorded to making India’s vaccination commitment unprecedented in amount and speed. This has nourished the global battle against COVID-19 virus.”

Moreover, even as India surpassed a huge breakthrough, the booster shot scope has been a matter of apprehension. Only 8 per cent of the country’s total population has got the third dose against Covid-19 virus so far, the government retorted previously this week. On Friday, a 75-day crusade for free booster doses at Government centres was set in motion countrywide in an attempt to motivate citizens.

The massive breakthrough also marks India’s 75 years of independence 

Subsequently, the crusade also tokens 75 years of India’s independence, which the country accomplishes next month. On Saturday, the Government had set up a digital timer, ticking rearwards to find out the number of vaccination shots left to dispense to reach the objective as India trailed closer to the attainment.

In conclusion, soon after the breakthrough was achieved on Sunday, responses poured on Twitter. At 4,37,50,599, India has the second inflated overall virus manifestation in the world after the United States. The country has been settling down more than 20,000 cases everyday for the last four days.

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