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Hyderabad techie murdered by husband

Hyderabad techie murdered by husband and body found in a suitcase another day, another devastating news. A piece of news that has put a blot on the relationship between husband and wife. A Hyderabad techie was brutally murdered by her husband. Bhuvaneshwari and Srikant Reddy were just like other happy couples. Bhuvaneshwari worked in a Hyderabad based tech company. Srikant too worked at a company but lost his job due to the pandemic situation. The couple also has an 18-month-old daughter. The incident is expected to have taken place between 22nd – 23rd June. After losing his job, the couple shifted to Tirupati.

Especially after losing the job, Srikant started consuming alcohol daily and this caused a verbal spat between the couple. On 22nd or 23rd June, the couple got into a serious disagreement, and in the heat of the moment, Srikant killed his wife by putting fire on her body. After murdering her, he placed the charred body in a suitcase and took a taxi.

Body found in a suitcase

Finally, Police found the suitcase and checked the CCTV footage and got to know about the driver. When the driver was approachedSrikant is on a run. The police are looking after him and investigating this case very seriously. According to the reports, the driver has identified the body as that of Bhuvaneshwari. 

Especially Srikant is said to have told his family and that of his in-laws that she died of delta COVID variant and the hospital staff have cremated her. This incident has shaken the confidence in the idea of healthy marriage these days. Crimes like this are on a rapid upsurge in India. How can someone kill his wife in the heat of the moment as well? The police have issued a strong search operation on him and said we will find him soon.

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