India's middle-class population affected

How is India’s middle-class population affected by the country‘s continuous rise in price? India is well-known for its existing class of the middle-class population. The middle-class population in India is so diverse that this class itself has been divided into further more divisions. But did we ever ponder to analyse exactly what degree of toll, the constant price rise is taking on the existing class of Indian middle-class?

The Inflation – A sharp Divider

Very slyly and subtly indeed, the persistent rise in prices due to many phenomena has created a sharp division in the existing Indian population. The difference between the rich and the poor is increasing constantly. This raging gap will worsen in the upcoming future when there will exist only two classes of rich and poor.

The Middle-Class is vanishing?

This might sound very surprising but this is truly the case what it is! The middle-class population of this country is being constantly pushed to poverty by a systemic rise in price in every product! A 500 rupee note no more holds any bigger value! It will be used up just within a few consumptions of very trivial commodities.

What will happen to the existing poor population?

Honestly, there are very few examples of the government caring for the poor population of this country. The poor and middle-class population will submerge and this will create a greater magnitude of poverty. The existing class of poor will start facing further worse situations. The situation will deteriorate for all of them.

The Plight of the Middle-Class!

In India for ages, it is this existing class of middle-class population who have contributed to a great extent to the economic development of the country. The plight of the common people must be considered for a solution. Till it is too late for any amendment, a way out needs to be found out.

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