Heera Group

Heera Group, Leading entrepreneur and businesswoman Dr. Nowhera Shaik started her Heera Group of Companies in 1998 as a gold trading business which later turned into a consortium of groups of businesses expanding in various sectors of jewelry, textiles, mineral water, travel and tourism, e-commerce, and many others. Her company is currently one of the most recognizable and leading enterprises in the world operating from over 50 countries.

About Heera Group of Companies

Heera Group of Companies currently operates from over 50 countries worldwide. The group provides top-class facilities and services to its clients. With a large number of clients based in the gulf countries; Heera Group is targeting to expand itself further in the coming years. Expanded in various sectors of jewelry, textiles, mineral water, travel and tourism, e-commerce, etc the company has also recently launched Heera Digital Gold–a platform for investors to invest in digital gold products, and with this, the company has also entered into the digital medium. The pandemic has transformed the majority of our works to the digital platform thus missing out on an opportunity to expand in the digital medium will be a huge loss to any company and so the Heera Group launched their new digital gold as soon as possible.

A recent incident of Illegal Occupancy

In March 2021, when Shaik went to her Jubilee Hills house almost after two years in jail for a crime; she did not even commit, she found out that her house was illegally seized by unknown people. As a first step, she informed the police immediately; about this but the police failed to take any action against the perpetrators. All her properties went under the Enforcement Directorate and CCS after her arrest.

The property was seized by the Superintendent of Police Khaja Moinuddin by forging legal documents. His wife, friends and he also sold several pieces of jewellery worth millions. They have taken undue advantage of their powers and the arrest of Shaik back in 2018. Even after video graphic proof of the theft and illegal occupancy; the police have failed to take any action against the miscreants. The last option left now is the legal battle which she will win!

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