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Heera Group of Companies has fresh started its business activities in India and abroad. The past one-two years have been significantly a rough patch for this company; as it had to go through a series of legal battles which was a direct action of political plotting. Heera Group was flourishing quite significantly within few days to everyone’s wonder. Was it a fraud? Was Nowhera Shaik, the Managing Director of the company behind any corruption?

It is really difficult for a woman to raise high in her career and never being come across. Fueled by her sudden foray into politics; the big sharks had one single mission to stop her to rise on both of her career fronts. They masterminded a plan that would jeopardize her career. Indeed, they were successful! But only for a while. 

Is making it big once again

Heera Group was a greater peril for the last few years; facing allegations of charges like defrauding of the investors of the company. All of the staff involved in this gargantuan multi-core company had to suffer through the years unnecessarily.

Nowhera Shaik considers her past to be a lesson that has taught her to be strong. Now, she is stronger than ever before. She started her business venture again on 1st August 2021 after getting a clean chit from the judiciary of India. Since starting back her company, her company statistics has been soaring high. Exponential growth in the market of these associated companies has been observed. Finally the company has regained its maximum investors has been doing incredibly well with the numbers.

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  1. […] Heera group, In 1998, I established an interest free group which is known as Heera Group of companies. I laid the foundation with a vision to bring changes in the society above all in the patriarchal society. To follow my vision and dream there are thousands of people who encouraged and supported me. However, My Allah has always been kind to me even during bad phases of my life. Today Heera Group is one of the top business players in the Domestic as well as international market.  I was not ready to accept the patriarchal mindset and firmly believe in a secular, safe and tolerant society for all. […]

  2. […] Heera Group; Drinking, washing, and preparing meals are all activities that appear insignificant in daily life. However, these activities need extra caution to provide the most excellent possible care for the whole family’s well-being. In this effort, the Heera Group has created the finest mineral water facility. It was founded by her in 1998 and it is India’s first private sector company; to have activities in the commodities and educational value chains. In India, Dr. Nowhera Nanne Saheb Shaik established the Heera Group of Companies 23 years ago. […]

  3. […] Heera Group always promoted Halal earnings in Society because Islam forbids the Haram source of income.  As a Muslim, you might often wonder, “Are your income sources Halal?” A lot of Muslims only associate the term Halal with food. The Messenger of Allah Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said. If anyone gains wealth through haram means and then gives charity from it, there is no regard for him, and the burden of sin remains on his shoulder”. For Muslims, ensuring that their earnings are Halal is very important. The gains don’t just include salary and revenue; they also have income generated through investments. […]

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