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Heera Group of Companies, now recognized both nationally and internationally, was established by Nowhera Shaik. It started with just Heera Gold and as evident from its name; its prime product for selling was gold. Soon the company made huge progress under the leadership of Nowhera Shaik. She had brilliant business proficiency that she worked hard upon. Never did she alter from her morals values and business ethics. But the thing that makes the Heera Group different from all others is the hospitality they show to all their customers. They prioritize customers’ interests over profits. Very often, the enterprise carries out social service programs, sponsored by many well-known brands with an intention to extend support to the uncultivated section of the society.

Heera Group of Companies the enterprise has set up many branches in every nook and corner of the world.

Heera Deals:

This is the first set up on an online platform. Heera Deals have a wide range of products with justified pricing. They ensure quality service and the finest products to the buyers with an incredibly pleasant shopping experience.

Heera Pure Drops:

This is another sector of the Heera Group that deals with packaged drinking water. Everything starting from manufacturing, testing, and supplying is handled by the company itself with utmost care and caution. Water is a basic entity for people, so any mistake with processing can be fatal for the consumer.

Heera Foodex:

Especially they use the tagline “Bringing good taste to daily life” which says it all about their noble intention. It is currently one of the best food brands with global customers.

Heera Electronics:

Although In the present times, electronic gadgets are in wide use all around the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘work from home’ initiative was entirely dependent on electronic gadgets. Heera Electronics manufacture reliable electronic goods, at competitive prices and warranty.

The Heera Group has made huge progress all through the years and will certainly continue to do so.

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