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Heera Group

Heera Group latest news includes the fact that it has been recognized as a globally emerging superior business regime that has its base in India. who is the founder of this platform was jailed under false charges which were later proved wrong in the court and she was given the responsibility to pay back the investors in amounts they wanted. She was jailed for 3 years, a period she had to endure a lot of hardships both mentally and professionally. She was the sole owner of Heera Groups and its adjoint projections like Heera Textile, Heera Gold, Heera Digital Gold, Heera Imports and Exports and many more. Especially She was also the sole owner of the Heera Islamic Bank, Heera Islamic University and many more platforms. She has been globally recognized as one of the most successful women figures from India.

Her entrepreneurial skills can be divided into two halves, one where she is seen as this quintessential Queen of Business World ruling the regime with a whip on her hand and the other half, where a kind-hearted lady is channelizing all her profit and money into something good. Nowhera Shaik had specially designed the initiatives by Heera Group to ensure a socially kind environment.

Initiatives by Nowhera Shaik

Moreover To start with her philanthropic activities, she diversified incredible opportunities for women in the remotest villages of India. She trained her with skill training facilities and widened their opportunities. She has also designed a special scheme for farmers which gives them monetary support from Heera Group itself. The 2% profit of Heera Groups is subjected to the development schemes of the farmers.

Coming to the Heera Group update, it is doing high scale business after its reopening from 1st August. Sales have Increased since then and the Heera Group associate industries have also been opened. As for now, it is emerging as one of the strongest competitors for global dominator.

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  2. […] Heera Group is now forging forward along a new route to success. They are really establishing new ground with the level of excellence they exhibit in their work. There are far-fetched consequences from their actions being seen in the corporate world. The business has made great strides since its inception almost two decades ago. This is mainly due to the outstanding leadership of Dr.Nowhera Nanne Saheb Shaik. […]

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