Heera Gold Refund Claim Form

Heera Gold

Heera Gold Refund Claim Form is out on the internet. The investors can fill up the necessary details in the form to get their money refunded to their bank account with the legal court as the agent The Heera Group MD Dr Nowhera Shaik has clearly stated in all of her interviews and press releases that the investors of Heera Group do not need to worry about their money. She has herself taken the responsibility of each penny of theirs. Moreover the payment will proceed in four instalments over 16 months. Especially refund Claim Form which is available on the official site of the company.

Moreover the applicants need to apply for this form with detailed information. Especially the CCS police raided the headquarters of Heera Group; in Banjara Group and had caused damages to their official assets and software, as claimed by Nowhera Shaik. After this, she even announced returning money to the investors if they went to her office with the withdrawal form. Nowhera Shaik has thus promised a complete return of the investor’s money in an adjustable duration.

Refund Claim Form

All the necessary details of the Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, Bank Pass Book details, photo of the applicant and many more important documents will be verified before returning the money of the investors. Especially Nowhera Shaik has guaranteed them their money back. She has asked her investors to trust her and wait for their turn.

Moreover also in other news, Heera Group and all its associate companies are all set to reopen and reoperate from 1st August 2021.

Heera Gold Refund Claim Form

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