Feeling incapable and frantic brings neither success nor happiness. Cynicism is a growing threat noticeable in the lives of the Indian youth. In the past decade, the number of options has increased tremendously with numerous colleges and jobs, and everything following the tier system, being cynical has become quite common when it comes to students, the working class and politics. Scientists say that the most besetting scenario noticeable in the Indian setting is the increasing cynicism along with changes in the country. The increasing dissatisfaction among the youth is resulting in a pessimistic approach and cynicism towards life.

Cynicism and the Indian Youth.

India’s youth is now met with opportunities all around at every point of their life. They are given the option to choose from in a hierarchical system which applies to both education and jobs. Our country is the youngest nation with more than half of its population in their twenties. These youth growing up with aspirations become cynical when they don’t meet their expected standards of living. The country doesn’t have proper infrastructure and facilities for the youth and their dreams which also leads to cynicism and social unrest among the youth of India.

Cynicism and social stigmas.

Cynicism is directly related to social stigmas. Social cynicism is being increasingly seen among the Indian population promoting negative impacts on the minds of people and a pessimistic approach towards life. Cynicism in politics holds it back from exploring and reaching its potential. Corruption in the country forces the people to dwell in a cynical world. With competition becoming a way of life and people losing value for qualifying rather than studying, cynicism never goes away. It is here to stay with the Indian population when the country is facing stagflation and many more. Now you know that it becomes difficult to avoid cynicism when the country and its population individually face issues to deal with.

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