Greatness Is Not The Mainstream Of Nowhera Shaik

Greatness The Media of Indian Television is known for its coverage of high profile news and incidents. These incidents mainly seek the attention of the mass population of the country; and the respective Television channels get the high T.R.P. Nowadays, the motto of those media channels is only to gain the TV viewership and rating war. In this fight for popularity, the media forgets to cover the original topics.

One of the main examples of such incidents is the coverage of the help that Nowhera Shaik; the CEO of Heera Group had provided to the Indian government.

Nowhera Shaik’s Greatness:

Especially Hailing from the small town of Tirupati in South India, she was born in a middle-class family where; she was provided with the moral values that a human being should carry. After teaching in a Madrassa school for years she finally started a small start-up business with fellow people. Which became one of the significant conglomerates of the country within two decades. Moreover The business carrier a special social work sector where the poor; and needy people were served with a fund provided by the company. When there were legal restrictions, Ms Shaik formed her party to serve the people.

Her Great Contributions:

Although She has served the common people of the country as no one has done. Moreover She has built more than hundreds of schools throughout the country for underprivileged women. She also built roads that have established the connection between villages and cities. She was one of those few business people who donated money to the Kerala Flood relief fund in 2018. Especially She donated an amount of One crore to the chief minister’s fund. No media covered this story as it would have not provided them with the T.R.P ratings. Apart from these things she has also donated money for building water tanks, employment sectors and many more things.

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