Reham Khan

Reham Khan, the ex-wife of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, claims that she was approached by unidentified men who opened fire on the vehicle she was travelling in on Sunday night.

Reham Khan, who was married to Imran Khan at the time of the incident, claimed that his rule had turned Pakistan into a place of “cowards, thugs, and the greedy.

Attempt on Life

“They shot my car at on the way back from my nephew’s wedding, and two men on a motorcycle held the vehicle at gunpoint!” I’d recently switched cars, and in the car were my PS and driver. Is this the Pakistan of Imran Khan? “Welcome to the state of cowards, thugs, and selfish people!” she wrote on Twitter.

Reham Khan, who was unharmed, claimed the incident had left her “outraged and concerned.” She also stated that a duel would have been preferable to a “cowardly hidden attempt.”

No FIR Filed

Reham Khan stated in a follow-up tweet hours later that no FIR had been filed.

“It’s nine o’clock in the morning, and my PS and team have not gotten a single wink of sleep, and the FIR has yet to be filed with the Shams Colony Police Station in Islamabad. The investigation is still ongoing. “I’m awaiting a copy of the FIR,” Reham Khan explained.

She also expressed gratitude to her supporters and stated that she “would prefer a duel to a cowardly hidden attempt.”

Reham Khan, a former TV anchor and journalist of British-Pakistani ancestry, was married to Imran Khan from 2014 till October 30, 2015. The 48-year-old is well-known for being a harsh critic of her ex-leadership husband’s style and public utterances.

Following the Pulwama tragedy in 2019, she claimed that Imran Khan was a military stooge who had risen to power by compromising on philosophy and moderate policies.

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