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Free vaccination Finally, an announcement makes all of us relieved. Free vaccination for all!! But it takes a long time to take this decision with so many dilemmas. From the beginning of trial vaccination, we all get relieved that at least a solution came out to battle with COVID. But soon after, many questions raised: Is vaccination safe for all? is it safe for all age groups? Need to take a repeated year? Moreover; as it is an RNA virus and previously there was no such invention of RNA virus, scientists are also under pressure.

But we salute our scientists, their endless effort made it possible. But, from the first when mass vaccination was taken, many problems were observed in Govt. decision. Phase-1 from January 16, 2021, emphasis protecting Health workers and Front[1]line Workers, Phase-2 is started from March 1, 2021, focusing on above 45 years age group. There is an issue of shortage of vaccination. But the distribution is so skewed that many older people have to line up even in the early morning hours; even from 3 am!! There is another issue, that is pricing. Initially, it is free if you take it any govt. Health Centre, and it charged rs250/- from a private one.

Free vaccination

But, suddenly from April 30, 2021, Govt. decided to bring back all the vaccines from the Pvt health sector and decide to liberalize the price of the vaccine. Now, the situation becomes terrific, in that time Govt. decided to open up the vaccine from the above 18 age group. Due to the price liberalization, the ranges vary from rs630/- to 1550/- in Pvt. Sector. The COVID vaccine, which is very essential for all in the current scenario, how it can be so overpriced!!! The supreme court made an evidential observation and reported that “It is arbitrary and irrational.” Due to the prima facie of the supreme court and the continuous movement of the opposition now finally Central Govt. declared the free vaccine for all, effective on June 21, 2021.

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