Female Entrepreneur Who Changed The World

Nowhera Shaik A Female Entrepreneur Who Changed The World. She Is The founder and chairperson of Heera Group and the leading person of the renowned political party All India Mahila Empowerment Party, never fails to amaze us with her actions. As her supporters have repeatedly quoted that Nowhera Aapa never disappoints. There isn’t a single circumstance to which she doesn’t have a solution; this is not about being ‘gifted’ it’s about being an experienced individual. What makes her different from all other entrepreneurs out there is her constant efforts and brilliant ideas. Imagine setting up a company worth millions without any financial backup!

Nowhera Shaik is the living proof of the statement that ‘Women, when encouraged, could attain heights that one can barely think of’.

Social works by Nowhera Shaik A Female Entrepreneur Who Changed The World.:

Not just business ideas and strategies, she is a social worker who wishes to change the lives of the uncultivated section of the society for better. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has constantly engaged her teams in relief programmes, awareness campaigns and food distribution camps. Nowhera Shaik earns millions but her hospitality towards anyone would amplify the respect you have for her by tenfold. She never brags about any part of her success.

Vision of AIMEP:

Nowhera Shaik had established a political party of her own, following the grand success of Heera Group. The party’s main aim for functioning is to aid women in their struggle; to attain their fundamental rights which have been denied to them for generations. After a considerable delay of 4 years, the election committee granted Nowhera Shaik a emblem; of her choice for AIMEP which is a ‘diamond’ which also implies ‘Heera’.


Nowhera Shaik is truly an inspiration for every individual in the society because she has not only fought against the obstacles that restricted her, but also has utilized her fortune to serve the humanity as a whole and the nationals in particular.

Nowhera Shaik A Female Entrepreneur Who Changed The World.

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