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Father stabbed to death

unemployed where are we exactly heading as a society? A society where children feel it is okay to disrespect elders and even their parents without any hesitation. A society where a father is stabbed to death by his son for not providing him with the money that he demanded! Especially This incident in East Delhi has left everyone shocked. The incident took place on Monday morning. Vishal, son of Mr. Virender, a Delhi Jal Board officer. Especially Vishal is a 25-year-old and unemployed youth. His father Virender, a man of 55 years was stabbed to death and his mother Manju, a woman of 52 years has somehow managed to escape death but is admitted to hospital with major injuries. For the last 8 months, Vishal has been unemployed and frustrated. Neighbours would hear daily verbal spats among the family members. 

Finally, on Monday morning, the most unfortunate event happened in the house located in Kalyanpuri. Neighbours had informed police of the verbal spat. These 8 months, Vishal has always nagged for money.

By his 25-year-old unemployed son in East Delhi

Moreover, his parents used to regularly ask him to look for a job and this created a lot more fuss. On Monday, the scene was no different. Vishal asked for money from his parents. His father Virender rejected his demand and asked him to look for a job. To this out of impulsiveness, Vishal made a decision that should hunt throughout his life. He stabs his father While police arrived at their house, both of them were see lying in a pool of blood. Finally, police have begun the investigation procedure.

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