To begin with, the demise of a school girl in Tamil Nadu has instigated colossal protest against a private residential school and allegations from the teen’s family in Kallakurichi, around 260 km from Chennai. The girl passed away by suicide, retorts the police force.

The Madras High Court commanded a following post-mortem 

Subsequently, the Madras High Court today commanded a following post-mortem, a day after a mob went on the berserk on the school campus, destroying classrooms, demolishing the property and setting cars on fire. The court directed the police to take serious measures against the protesters and those who instigated them in taking the actions. 

Chief Minister M K Stalin communicated his repentance over the skirmish and assured punishment for all those associated in the girl’s death. Requesting urgently for peace, the CM retorted that he has commanded the Home Secretary and the DGP to pay a visit the site of the skirmish.


The Girl’s Family Proclaims That Two Teachers Had Strained Embarrassed Her

In the meantime, her family proclaims that two teachers had mentally strained and embarrassed her. The girl’s parents have proclaimed that a wall near the spot where she was found expired had the mark of a blemished palm. They have asserted that his regards to a physical spar. Relations of the girl and people living in her village in Cuddalore district have been dissenting outside the school. 

Meanwhile, yesterday, dissenters skirmished with the police work force and set at least 15 buses on fire. The occurrence left several citizens, including senior police officers, injured. The district management has emanated prohibitory commands until July 31.The court has also interrogated the police force to take strict actions against those managing social media trials. It has said loss of lives in educational establishments must be scrutinized by the state investigation department, CB-CID, in the near future.

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