Consecutive Blasts near Jammu Airport

Consecutive Blasts

Consecutive Blasts near Jammu Airport on Sunday, two consecutive explosions in a gap of just five minutes have shaken the highly secured zones near Jammu airport. This happened in the early hours of Sunday. The first blast took place at 1:45 am. The devastating effects of the first blast were severely intense. There is a building near the Airport region whose roof got damaged due to this blast. The blast was carried on the roof of a building. The second blast took place on the ground.

Moreover the entire region is highly secured. Questions are being raised on how exactly these unfortunate events occur despite the top-notch security engaged in the region. As far as the immediate reports, no casualties were reported. According to few reports, there was also a blast that took place inside the Air Force Station Jammu. Moreover No security personnel has been injured, Fortunately, there have been no reports of damaged equipment as well. The matter is being placed under investigation. More details of the incident are reportedly under investigation but one thing that cannot be neglected is what is the solution for this constant turmoil in the valley!

Near Jammu Airport

Especially Right after the incident, the spot was sealed by the police and army personnel. Within few minutes, a team of security investigators and forensic researchers came to check the spot and took the details.

Further a high-level meeting was organized in the presence of senior police officers and Indian Air Force officials. The meeting took place at Air Force Station. The conflict between Jammu and Kashmir is a long story and needs not to repeat. After the abrogation of article 370 in the state, there were multiple protests in the region. Police and high army officials have decided to investigate probe into this case. Such ongoing blasts are very dangerous for civilians.

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