Andhra man held at Delhi airport

Andhra man held at Delhi, According to authorities, a guy was arrested for allegedly defrauding travellers at the IGI airport by posing as a student from a reputable university and then collecting money from them for his trip transportation on the excuse that he missed his flight.

They claim that Modela Venkata Dinesh Kumar, a native of Andhara Pradesh’s Guntur region, has defrauded more than 100 passengers in the last four to five years. On December 19, 2021, the complainant, who is a resident of PG Mens Hostel Maulana Azad Medical College, travelled from Baroda to Delhi IGI Airport T-3, along the belt, where the accused approached him and claimed to be a student of a prominent university, according to police.

The Offender’s Persuasion

The offender persuaded the victim to pay the difference and promised to reimburse it when he arrived at his destination. According to the complainant, the victim then put $9,250 into his Google Pay account. The complainant approached the police when the accused failed to refund his money despite repeated demands, authorities added.

Sanjay Tyagi, Deputy Commissioner of Police (IGI Airport), said the team used its sources and electronic surveillance to study and monitor the CCTV cameras stationed at the terminals and found one suspect who used to visit the airport frequently.

Suspicious Arrested

“On December 30, an alleged suspected individual was seized from IGI Airport T-2 on the basis of CCTV footage while attempting to defraud other passengers.”

The accused used to travel various airports to defraud passengers, according to interrogation. He pretended to be a student at a prestigious university and defrauded passengers by claiming he would be late for his trip. He would get the ticket money sent into his bank account once he had persuaded the traveller, the senior officer stated, and then swindle the passengers.

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