Amarnath Yatra Fears With A Sticky Bomb Threat

Amarnath Yatra With Sticky bombs, developed by the British during their reign, were grenades covered in a powerful adhesive to stick to vehicles. These have evolved over time to a huge extent. The Indian security agencies claim that these sticky bombs are somehow making their way into J&K from Afghanistan.

It was suspected on May 24th that a batch of these sticky bombs was delivered; through tunnels dug across the international border and was smuggled into Jammu and Kashmir.

This was taken to be a serious threat since terrorist attacks were possible. When pilgrims and tourists get stuck on the route to Amarnath sure to traffic issues in the peak season.

Amarnath Yatra Fears After Katra Bus Fire incident on May 13th:

The security forces suspect that the bus, carrying pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir; to Amarnath Route, caught fire after an explosion near the fuel tank Khanak. Which was due to these sticky bombs.

Initially, this was believed that the engine caught fire due to some construction issues. However, after the proper inspection of the bus. It was clear that the explosion was due to a sticky bomb using magnets placed on the car’s fuel tank.

The Measures That Are Taken Up:

The government has engaged itself in preparing drills to guard the people during the Amarnath Yatra; which includes inspecting the area to make sure there are no IEDs on the road. The security forces have also started to make the drivers aware of how to understand and spot sticky bombs. While in traffic, people can keep a watch since; traffic is the time when there can be a sticky bomb placement.

Other than these, several surveillance cameras and stakes have been increased in the area for constant monitoring.

The forces have also been successful in locating 5 terrorists in the area.

The security has to be subsequently increased to prevent further attacks in the future.

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