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For the past few years, the Heera Group of companies has been facing a lot of controversies. With Dr. Nowhera Shaik arrested in the year 2018, these groups have lost their reputation to a great extent.

However, to shut all the claims the CEO of the Heera Groups, Nowhera Shaik is presently back with optimistic updates. Coming to the current situation, a meeting was held on the 4th of July, 2022 with the Supreme Court. Along with the honourable Supreme Court, other legal authorities were also a pivotal part of the conference.

Sieving the Bonafide Investors – Heera Group

It was during the session that Dr. Shaik agreed to repay all her debts and bounce back with the Heera Digital Gold. Following this, all her genuine investors registered their claims.

However, by taking the advantage of the situation, a lot of fake petitioners started claiming money. Besides, false nominees of deceased investors also came up to claim. Amid this, fraud brokers with the promise to help the investors to get back their money also came into being.

With the increasing number of fake claimants, the authorities were finding it difficult to release the authentic claimant list. Well, to filter the genuine investors, Dr. Shaik requested them to present their real KYC  and TCM certificate.

Heera Group

Nowhera Shaik Achieves Another Milestone

The hearing held on the 4th of July was notably a significant one. It was on this day when Dr. Nowhera Shaik submitted her assets worth Rs. 900 crores to the Supreme Court. She handed over her properties without any legal order. In doing so, she became the first Indian CEO to take up such actions. Moreover, it was also the foremost time in the history of the Indian Judiciary that such remarkable actions were acknowledged.

In spite of being in a difficult situation, Nowhera Shaik promised to answer all the rightful claims made by her investors soon.

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